Who we are

We are an integrated company with specialism in the Energy Sector. As a core energy company, we are also leveraging our integrated business model (the B&V Adaptive Model – BAM), which enables us to capture appropriate synergies in our business base and areas of expertise. We are expanding our business activities with a goal of delivering sustainable performance across every sector of engagement.


Our Purpose

We are in business to provide cutting-edge services across the chain of our sectors. Safety, environmental and social ‘responsibility’ are at the heart of our activities.


Why we are the Preferred Choice

We are an “ambidextrous organization” with focus on Creativity and Adaptability. We employ our distinctive abilities to create eclectic, unique solutions that continue to push the frontiers of service design and delivery in the safest and environmentally responsible manner. Our business is organized to accomplish our goals in the most socially and financially responsible manner. We are committed to serving all of stakeholders in ways that are consistent with our core Business Princicles which promote:
· Boldness & Constructive Discontent
· Collaboration
· Creativity & Innovativeness
· Discipline
· Diversity and Inclusiveness
· Integrity
· Organizational Solidarity, Team Spirit & Cross-Functionality
· Mutual Respect
· Safety & Security (HSE)

We believe in our people (employees and the board) who are our greatest assets and their continued development is at the core of our business strategy.

We pride ourselves in high standards of core ethical values and target profitability while forging fair, sustainable relationships with the people we come into contact with.

Our corporate practices seek to ensure complete adherence to laws and regulations of our local environment and the observance of rule of law. Our core business values are consistent with international business standards and conventions.