B&V Energy Services will employ the expertise of its global associates to provide engineering, technology, consulting and construction solutions that span the life cycle of projects in the power generation, offshore topsides, refineries, LNG, Environmental, coastal, water and wastewater, municipal, power delivery and hydrocarbon process industries.
Our services encompass Planning, Design, Procurement, Construction, Startup, Optimization and Maintenance.

Infrastructure and Environmental Services

B&V’s Infrastructure & Environment business group is a client and technology-oriented consulting and engineering network, operating globally. Our core areas of expertise are Transportation, Water and Environment, Real Estate and Telecommunications.

We provide our clients with a full range of leading-edge solutions and services within consulting and project development, engineering, project and construction management as well as operation and maintenance. We utilize our excellent technical, financial and environmental knowledge in sourcing, outsourcing, investments and asset management projects to the best of our clients infra solutions.

In Water and Environment, we provide sustainable solutions in water services development, water resources management and waste management. We have developed our ability to combine technical, environmental, and financial expertise, offering a particular advantage to balanced project development.

In Transportation, our expertise cover diverse railbound systems, as well as tunneling and bridge projects, and project services related to traffic and community planning. Services cover the entire life cycle of the clients' projects, including initial consulting services, engineering and project management and construction supervision.

The global transportation market is characterized by a strong trend toward intermodal solutions, involvement of private financing, and international co-operation which combines local know-how with global best practices.

We respond to these challenges with In-depth knowledge of transportation systems full range of services from initial planning to scheduled maintenance complete responsibility for project scope with interdisciplinary project teams, extensive experience in cost-optimized solutions.

In the Real Estate sector, we offer engineering and project management services for demanding office buildings, business centers, public buildings and industrial building projects.

In addition we offer architectural and interior design, workplace design, office property consulting and services related to real estate development. Our core architectural design services cover business space and office buildings, sports and leisure venues and industrial facilities.

We operate in the areas of private investment projects, public projects and industrial construction projects. These may vary from a single building to a large industrial complex with all necessary supporting facilities, infrastructure, and energy supply.

We cover all phases of the project, from feasibility study to planning, engineering, procurement, construction management and site inspections. Our consulting team provides consulting services for real estate management.

The whole life cycle of a project and its environmental impacts are systematically analyzed and developed to ensure optimal profitability.