B&V Energy Services will employ the expertise of its global associates to provide engineering, technology, consulting and construction solutions that span the life cycle of projects in the power generation, offshore topsides, refineries, LNG, Environmental, coastal, water and wastewater, municipal, power delivery and hydrocarbon process industries.
Our services encompass Planning, Design, Procurement, Construction, Startup, Optimization and Maintenance.


B&V Energy has the technical partnership to provide integrated consulting and engineering services for all stages of hydro schemes and their operational improvement.

Dams, high and low head power plants, storage and run-off-river schemes as well as pumped-storage stations are in the centre of activities of the Business Area.

Many of these projects are multipurpose projects which cover, besides the power production, also flood control, water supply and irrigation.

The strong integrated engineering know-how built-up during implementation of many projects in all parts of the world is the basis for the leading position in hydropower.