B&V Energy Services will employ the expertise of its global associates to provide engineering, technology, consulting and construction solutions that span the life cycle of projects in the power generation, offshore topsides, refineries, LNG, Environmental, coastal, water and wastewater, municipal, power delivery and hydrocarbon process industries.
Our services encompass Planning, Design, Procurement, Construction, Startup, Optimization and Maintenance.


We provide client support in management of public procurement processes that meets both national and international procurement laws and best practices.
Production of clear and specific tendering documentation, which enables comparable tenders, is a key issue for successful procurement.

Requirement specifications

We create requirement specifications that reflect client's operative environment and functional needs, and ensure that procurements will focus on the most essential items.


We support clients in developing and maintaining supply/operation/support contracts. The continuous developments within the Energy sector require frequent updates of the maintenance and support agreements.

Lifecycle management
We help clients in management of their projects or service lifecycle.
Lifecycle management helps clients to control and optimize their resources, performance and costs.